Thank you for being a caring teacher. You were so supportive and it encouraged me not to hesitate with the writing exercises.
    ~~Janis T.~~

    I LOVED, LOVED the transitions workshop. It stimulated my thinking in so many ways. I haven’t purchased a journal yet but I am going to. I am going to start the day I officially retire and write from now on.
    ~~Tracy I.~~

    The transitions workshops have been a great experience. I have enjoyed learning the different journal types, and also the different techniques. These classes have given me a way to uncover, understand, heal or dream about any area in my heart. Great investment, looking forward forward to more.
    ~~Anna M.~~

    Wow! I never understood all the ways you can approach journal writing and and all the different kinds of journals you can keep until I took the “Journaling to Cope with Change and Transition” classes. I have been able to immediately use journal writing to identify and face my current life transitions head on, as well as come up with next steps to move through my transitions. Journal writing, in all its forms, can be a tool for anyone! ~~Pamela K.~~

    I had thought about journaling for a couple of years and had even purchased a journal which is sitting somewhere unused. I didn’t want to just write random thoughts in a book. After taking Denise’s workshop though I’m ready to get started. She gives those new to journaling tools to get started, and my friend who has kept journals for years came away with new inspiration and ideas. The workshop is very relaxed and gets the creative juices flowing.
    ~~Gail H.~~


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