Courses and Events

I am currently doing workshops by special arrangement through the summer and fall. A winter schedule will be posted soon.

Journaling with Friends
Writing together with friends is fun and gratifying. Schedule a short journaling workshop for your friends or organization today and learn how to know yourself better, be more creative, improve your relationships, tap your intuition, and break that writer’s block. Your journal is a tool that is always available to you in times of need. Learn and experience up to 18 different writing and art techniques that will enhance all aspects of your life and connect with other like-minded people.

Phone 405/416-3683 or email for information about a custom course for you and your colleagues or friends.

Poetry and Journaling

Come explore the magic of three simple and fun forms of poetry during National Poetry Month. We will experiement with using haiku, acrostics and found poetry for expressing thoughts, feelings and pure enjoyment. No poetry knowledge or experience required. Just come to play and learn.

Class Title: Capture Your Vacation Memories
Learn different ways to capture your vacation memories quickly and easily without sacrificing the vacation experience. Prepare your journal in advance to make journaling easy; use memorabilia instead of words to capture memories; and include others in your journal keeping fun.

Call 405/416-3683 to schedule this fun and helpful course for you and your friends today.

Class Title: Journaling through Transitions
Are you ready to re-envision life after 50? Redesign the work you do? Adjust to empty nest or other life change? Whether you want to tweak the work you currently do, transition to a new retirement career, or adjust to empty nest or other life changes, this course will offer tools to help you. Learn several journal writing tools that will help you discover what’s really important to you, tap the knowledge and experience you’ve acquired over time, and connect with others who are also navigating life changes. Bring your favorite journal or notebook if you wish.

For questions or more information call 405/416-3683.

Introduction to Art Journaling
Go beyond junque and smash journals and learn fun ways to incorporate collage, paint, doodles and found poetry into your journals. No prior writing or art experience required. Bring your favorite journal or notebook if you wish.

For questions or more information, call 405 416-3683.

All courses are expertly facilitated by a nationally certified Journal to the Self ® Instructor.


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