Miniature Promises

What a beautiful, and fascinating, project!


Nests are easy-to-spot signs of new life. I write about them with some frequency. Other indicators of an irrepressible commitment to life are more subtle. Above you see an old table covered with milkweed leaves. On these leaves are 43 viable monarch butterfly eggs and 6 larvae. A small number of us have spent the last couple of summers establishing a monarch waystation behind my house. A beautiful swirl of rich land was covered in thick black plastic much of last summer, a slow but less toxic method of killing the grass beneath. When the plastic came up, twenty-eight yards of mulch were spread to discourage future weeds, and then the first shrubs were planted. This summer soaker hoses have been buried in the mulch to get them beyond the sharp teeth of rabbits who chew on them. With all the pollinators in mind, there are now young lead plants…

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One thought on “Miniature Promises

  1. I never think to appreciate the underside of a leaf and here you have raised my awareness to a most important process… transformation!


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