Benefits of Journal Keeping

Whether you write for five minutes or five hours a week, there are many benefits of keeping a journal.

*Safely release tension, frustration, anger and other strong emotions.
*Access your subconscious and unconscious minds and tap into the vast knowledge stored there.
*Keep a record for the future of how your physical and spirital life unfolds.
*Track cycles, patterns and trends in your life.
*Unlock the mysteries of your dreams.
*Experiment with creative writing.
*Outwit writer’s block and increase overall writing skills.
*Find support for your journaling from your peers.
*Write your own memoir.
*Clarify goals.
*Increase time-management and organizational skills.
*Write spontaneously and with joy.
*Regard your journal as a trusted, valued friend.

Would you like to begin, or expand your own journal writing practice today?

See our Course Schedule section for class dates and times or contact Denise Kennemer, 405-416-3683 to discuss individual coaching.


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